#136 WXXI Interview: Should You Be Into Cryptocurrency?

Gary Palmer Jr. talks about Bitcoin on WXXI News, Connections with Evan Dawson: Should You Be Into Cryptocurrency?

The price of #Bitcoin and other forms of #cryptocurrency has exploded in the past month. A surge in interest has #WallStreet wondering if the prices can stay this high, and average citizens are wondering if they should be buying this kind of currency. What is cryptocurrency? How does it work? What is its future?

WXXI Guests weigh in:

  • George Conboy, chairman of Brighton Securities
  • Gary Palmer Jr., Bitcoin NYS℠ & Minting Coins℠
  • Mike Komaransky, former partner at DRW and former head of Cumberland Mining, one of the world’s largest bitcoin trading companies by volume.

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Gary Palmer Jr. is a public speaker, marketing and technology coach, who discovered Bitcoin via Silicon Valley Meetups in 2012. In 2013, he ventured in the Bitcoin industry, while working at a San Francisco-based startup. In 2016, Gary founded Bitcoin NYS℠ to help New York residents learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, Digital Privacy and Online Security. He believes Bitcoin will become more-and-more important for our local community, and for communities around the world.

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