Bitcoin NYS ℠ is Western New York’s first “Bitcoin & Crypto” Education Center, (located at The Searle Building)
in Downtown Rochester, New York (181 St. Paul Street, STE 2A).

181 Saint Paul Street - Bitcoin NYS - Minting Coins - St. Paul Quarter - Rochester New York

Bitcoin NYS℠ at 181 Saint Paul Street, STE 2A (In the “Searle Building”; next to Tapas 177)

The Crypto Loft is the perfect setting to learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology, as we explore, both, the technological revolution AND the life changing opportunity, which we are a part of, in this exponentially growing network of decentralized/peer-to-peer technology.

Blockchain is Freedom

Interest in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency is approaching the Tipping Point!

WhenPeople first heard about ‘electronic mail’, they had asked the ‘mail man’ about it –
the postmaster didn’t think e-mail was a good idea, and he said it was a fad.

With the massive growth of Bitcoin, and worldwide attention on the cryptocurrency industry, more people are starting to “compare and contrast” this new Bitcoin technology with the traditional ways that the world has worked.

Still, few people yet understand Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, or the security involved; and more and more people want to learn “security best practices”; recognizing the benefits of new technology and an open mind.

Inflation is Loss


Eye on Education: It is critical we learn:

  1. Why Bitcoin is new and different,
  2. How Blockchain Technology works, and
  3. What are the best practices for securing your digital assets, with crypto-security and strong social privacy.
  4. Where to find and explore new Blockchain based systems for life changing opportunity.

Community is Strength

Our Community: We learn together:

The launch of the Bitcoin NYS℠ education center stems from the success of our free local “Bitcoin NYS℠ Meetup-group”, which has been meeting regularly since February 2017. Our local members and patrons include residents in and around the Greater Rochester Area, including business owners and corporate executives — We hope our member’s will include you, too!

Bitcoin NYS℠ - Minting Coins℠ - 181 Saint Paul Street - St. Paul Quarter - Rochester New York

Bitcoin NYS℠ Educational Classes & Events, small room

The Minting Coins℠ media and broadcasting studio is also located with Bitcoin NYS℠.